Vegetable starter culture for professionals

Take back control over your vegetable fermentations

Do your vegetable fermentations suffer from slime production?

Want to shorten fermentation times to increase production capacity, but keep the quality the same?

Do you want to experiment with new combinations of vegetable products (for example tomatoes)?

At Kultured, we specialise in elevating the art of vegetable fermentation. Whether you’re dealing with unwanted slime production or looking to expedite your fermentation process without compromising quality, our bespoke starter culture offer a robust solution, backed by fermentation science.

Groentestartercultuur voor professionals

Wait... a starter culture for vegetable fermentations?

Yes! Starter cultures are omnipresent in many fermentation processes like kombucha, yoghurts, cheese, beer, wine, salamis and bread. They enhance predictability, safety and most importantly the quality of your fermented products. For professionals eager to gain mastery over their vegetable fermentation process, Kultured provides a specialised starter culture tailored for vegetable fermentations.

Benefits of Using Kultured’s Starter Culture in Your Vegetable Fermentation

  1. Eliminate Slime Production: Our starter culture effectively competes with natural microbial flora, preventing slime-producing bacteria from dominating the fermentation process.
  2. Accelerate Fermentation Times: With a higher initial bacterial count, our starter culture rapidly lowers pH levels, speeding up fermentation and reducing residual sugars, thereby minimising post-packaging fermentation activities.
  3. Innovate With Fermentation: Experiment with new types of fermentations that are hard to kickstart on themselves such as tomatoes.
Kultured Vegetable fermentations

The Science Behind Kultured’s Vegetable Fermentation Starter Culture

Our starter culture is a blend of two key lactic acid bacteria – Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Lactiplantibacillus plantarum – crucial for successful vegetable fermentations. This composition mimicks a natural fermentation process with a focus on safety and quality.
Our starter culture expertly replicates the essential phases of natural vegetable fermentation, offering a more reliable and efficient alternative to other starters that might use bacteria suited for milk fermentations or solely Lactiplantibacillus plantarum.

Expert-Designed Starter Culture for Superior Vegetable Fermentations

Our innovative starter culture is the brainchild of dr. Sander Wuyts, a Bioscience Engineer with a Ph.D. in microbiology, focusing on vegetable fermentations. Sander’s extensive research, which includes over 20 scientific papers, and his collaborations with industry experts and Michelin-starred chefs, has culminated in the creation of this unique product.

Foto: UAntwerpen
Foto: UAntwerpen